Improving UX/UI for Pagelocity

It's been a while since the last blog post and a lot has happened since then. The most important part is the introduction of a polished interface for Pagelocity web app. In this new interface, the user will easily get access to the analysis feedback and can quickly identify the main issues of a web page.

New Data Visualization

Pagelocity has had nice charts in its short life. But, while the visual aspect was satisfying, the overall chart library footprint was too big. So, instead of using a 200kb library, the charts were recreated from scratch using only HTML, CSS and jQuery. In this way, instead of downloading a lot of data, now the charts can be represented using less than 15kb of code.


Apart from tweaking the code for a better user experience, the landing page got some extra additions. The most important one is the screenshot of the app, which will help in boost the conversion rate. Together with this image, you can find subtle gradients and a more polished home page. And as you can see in the next image, the app got a brushing session as well.

Quick stats

And to offer a more clear view about how Pagelocity is doing, I have added summary stats widgets presenting the number of analyzed web pages, best score and worst score.

That's it for now, soon more features and tweaks will come.