Pagelocity Updates: Share and Pages View

This month Pagelocity comes with 2 new additions: share web page functionality and new way to visualize web pages.

Share Now!

Finally, I've found some time to implement a feature that has been on top of my list for quite some time. And this feature that I'm talking about is the ability to share a Pagelocity score.

The great thing is that, you are not limited to share only the score, you can tweet, repost your pages on social networks for better traction.

So if you see that your social metrics are going flat, share your web pages and engage your community.

At this point, there are only 4 options to share:
Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Google+ (even though it is not a metric in Pagelocity)

New Web Pages

The Web Pages module provides a visual way to see all analyzed pages, displaying the current score and several other metrics: number of shares, page weight, number of resources and issues. And while it provides a nice overview, for multiple web pages it can be a bit cluttered.

And that is why I've added a minimal view which displays only the score and url. Also, I have reduced the area dedicated to one web page and in this way instead of seeing 13 pages on a full HD resolution, a user can actually see almost 50 web pages.

As usual, I'm looking forward for your comments and feedback.