Introducing Pagelocity!

Hey friends,
I am happy to announce the launch of Pagelocity, a web page optimization application for every designer, developer, web master or web site owner.

The problem...

Web pages are constantly launched without proper analysis. At the same time existing web pages have a lot of issues which translate into poor user experience. Whether there are problems related to social media, code glitches, page resources or SEO, these glitches will have a negative impact which can drive customers or visitors away.

Multiple solutions

On the web you can find multiple solutions for each section. For instance, if you want to analyze web page performance, you can easily use YSlow or Pagespeed browser extensions. They over a lot of information but it is strictly related to the performance of the page.

For social media, you can go on each major social network and watch their analytics software which will give you insights about the sharing and content propagation. But... those are still dedicated apps and you will have to visit each site individually.

On the SEO side, the internet is full with tools and browsers extensions. You can easily find apps that will help you with SEO audits and keywords planning.

Code glitches are a bit more tricky than the rest of the glitches. You need to be tech savvy to identify them and then to do a lot of research to fix them.

Pagelocity solution

With Pagelocity we take the burden of finding important data about your web pages and provide you a simple, easy to understand analysis and detailed insights for improving your web presence.

Social Media Insights - Facebook [shares, likes, comments] - Twitter Shares - LinkedIn Shares - Open Graph Meta Tags

SEO Audit - In-page keywords - Title length - Text to HTML ratio - Headings - Internal Links - External Links - NoFollow

Resources Breakdown - Images [number, size, alt text] - Styles [inline, internal, external, blocking] - Scripts [inline, internal, external, blocking] - favicon - mobile icon - windows tile icon - page size

Code Analysis - In-page HTML Tags - Classes [lengthy, multiple] - IDs [duplicate, lengthy] - Time to First Byte - HTTPS vs HTTP usage - Google Pagespeed score - ARIA Landmarks - HumansTXT - RobotsTXT